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United Diamond has made the commitment to deliver solutions that maximize drilling performance. We accept nothing less than a perfect product, consistent with our reputation for providing the industry with revolutionary PDC bits and drilling tools.

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7010 - 45th Street
Leduc, Alberta
Canada, T9E-7E7

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We're happy you have taken the time to learn more about United Diamond. Since 2000, we've certainly made a name for ourselves. In fact, when our first bit went downhole that year in October, we just had the feeling that it would be the start of something good. We were right. Our TeamUnited Diamond is made up of a strong team of individuals, each bringing with them a unique expertise. From engineers to manufacturing professionals, operations specialists to a knowledgeable sales force, and experienced field experts to mill and software programmers, we are confident in providing our customers the best service and support to compliment the best products.World Class EngineeringUnited Diamond is home to some of the most creative and intelligent experts in the industry. The engineering department is no exception. Our engineers are responsible for designing the unique and effective drilling solutions that United Diamond is consistently recognized for. Whether they are discussing a dramatic departure from traditional bit profiles, optimizing cutter layouts, or brainstorming a unique solution, they have proven themselves time and time again to be just the right team to pull off what some consider to be impossible.It's not about designing another version of something that already exists. It's about being different and contributing something new. United Diamond focuses its engineering on the development of new ground-breaking technologies that will have a dramatic effect on our customers' bottom line.United Diamond PDC bits are designed using 3D modeling and proprietary bit characterization software. This translates to us being able to maintain complete control over all aspects of the design process such as cutter and nozzle placement, cutter angles, and body profile?to name just a few of the over 5000 parameters required to design just a single bit. And our paperless integration with manufacturing ensures that product is reproduced accurately and consistently?every time.Do we need to mention that you can deal directly with our engineering department? Call our Leduc location today!Manufacturing ExcellenceUnited Diamond's engineering and manufacturing teams work seamlessly as new tool designs evolve from an early whiteboard concept to an engineered solid drawing, and finally to a machined product.We control the complete manufacture of all our products. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with several multi-axis machining centers, when combined with exhaustive procedures and quality assurance practices, make for consistent products of uncompromised quality.Working closely with engineers, our manufacturing group is constantly involved in the design process, and provides input relating to assembly and repair issues. This level of functional integration allows our company to 'close the gaps' between design and assembly, and the engineering office and the shop floor. Our customers are more important to us than gold. We realize that if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have been given the opportunities to prove our products, nor would we be in a position to celebrate our sixth year of successful operation. Our knowledgeable sales team, along with our expert operations support and field staff, ensure that all steps to satisfy our customers are taken, starting right from solution planning through to the end of the job.

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