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Transco Energy Services Ltd. is an industry leader in oilfield hauling by providing the highest quality service and safety when it comes to drill rig moving, service rig moving, off-road hauling and specialized heavy hauling. Front end load rental.

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Nisku, Alberta
Canada, T9E 7V1

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We can move, haul, and transport anything-anywhere and in any climate. With hundreds of pieces of diverse equipment on hand and a team of dedicated employees, Transco knows our customers' needs well and is able to deliver on them. Transco Energy Services Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Energy Services Ltd. serving the oil and gas industry in western Canada from 14 locations stretching across British Columbia, Alberta and into Saskatchewan. Wherever our clients' projects are located, Transco has the expertise to handle the most diverse type of moves in the most challenging conditions. Being an industry leader when it comes to safety, Transco continues to consistently apply and practice safety in all our work projects and we are proud of our employees who maintain this high safety standard. We know our customers want the best service possible, a job done right and safely, complete to the last mile. Transco Energy Services Ltd., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Energy Services Ltd., shares the vision to be the "Customer's Service Provider of Choice" and the "People's Employer of Choice". Integrity, People, Success, Excellence and Dynamic make up our values-based culture that engages our workforce. Drilling Rig and Heavy Hauling Service Rig and Light Hauling Specialized Equipment Off-Road Hauling and Logistics Transco Energy Services Ltd. is the oilfield transportation service provider within Flint Energy Services Ltd. and serves a broad customer base in western Canada from over 14 locations. Transco has the expertise to handle the most diverse type of moves in the most challenging conditions. With over 450 trucks and 750 trailers, Transco provides one of the largest and most diverse oilfield hauling fleets to meet our client's drilling rig, service rig, light and heavy hauling needs. Transco's fleet includes Tractors (Tandem, Tri-Drive, Planetary and Winch, Single Axle/Winchless), Pickers (14 ton to 45 ton), Bed Trucks (Texas beds 300, Tandem 300 420), Commanders, Trailers, Jeeps, Boosters, Dollies, Cranes, Matting, Husky 8, Terra Flex 600, Marauders, Deltas and Snow Makers. Specialized heavy hauling has over 150 lines of hydraulic trailer capacity as well as jack and roll capabilities. Our Transco team has the expertise to move oversize, overweight loads. Our off-road equipment is comprised of over 110 pieces to meet extreme and environmentally sensitive conditions.

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