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We design, fabricate, supply & manage waste water treatment equipment. We provide turn-key waste water management services for remote work camp installations. Relocatable Waste Water Treatment Centers are available to all industries.

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4208 118 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2Z-4A4

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Terra Water provides customers portable on site management, treatment and disposal of wastewater to minimize the environmental impact of camp generated wastewater at remote work sites in western Canada.

Terra Water has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing treatment plants to industry leading standards. It was acquired by Precision in 2006 to complement LRG's camp and catering and Precision Rentals accommodation businesses.

These portable wastewater treatment plants address the increased focus by oil and gas producers and other customers to minimize the environmental effects related to remote work activities.

Terra Water markets more than 50 wastewater treatment plants which will accommodate from two to over 250 workers on site.

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