Power Systems Inc


Power Systems Inc is a full Engineering Procurement Construction company active in the Energy and Oil & Gas Industry, Acquisitions, Pipelines, Facilities, Refineries, Capital finance, Equipment Sales, Generation, Power Generation

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315 - 8th Avenue S.W
Bankers Hall, Box 22366, 135
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2P 4J1

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Providing Turn-Key Results in the Area of Energy and InfrastructureThe company principals have joined together a cooperative of individuals and companies that provide direction, talent and resources to tackle demanding jobs both domestically and internationally with jobs ranging from $500 thousand to $500 million and larger in size.Our members work from locations in Canada and the US.It begins with our consulting department, which handle client relationships, project definition and vision to include elements, both present and future in the planning process to proactively map a strategy that is economically and chronologically satisfying to the client.Our team of engineers takes the project through the next steps of design, engineering, procurement, construction, and finally commissioning with the net result that of satisfied clients and customers.Our team of dedicated managers, engineers and construction personnel have worked on projects in the following area: offshore/onshore oil and gas, environmental remediation, electrical and municipal infrastructure, alternative energy (solar and wind power), and pipelines.

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