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Packers Plus Energy Services Inc is an innovative well completions technology company specializing in open-hole, multi-stage horizontal fracturing systems.

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205 - 5th Avenue SW
Suite 2200, Bow Valley Square 2
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2P2Y3

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Packers Plus Energy Services Inc we are innovators of multi-stage fracturing systems and we specialize in open hole, high pressure high temperature (HPHT), high pressure retrievable packers, and specialty service tools. 

StackFRAC® system in 2001 (known internationally as StageFRAC*). This technology completely transformed the oil and gas industry enabling companies to maximize production in tight rock formations and mature oil fields.

Since 2001, Packers Plus has released many more game-changing technologies. Our focus on innovation inspires us to solve problems for oil and gas producers, enabling them to be more efficient and productive in low permeability and porosity formations. 

Today, Packers Plus is working in formations in Canada, the United States, the Middle East, North and West Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. We have salesmen who cover the globe through our 31 locations worldwide.

Listed below are our Candaian locactions for international locations and more information about how our tools and systems can help you, please visit our website. 

Edmonton Manufacturing (M1)
4117 84th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2Z3
Phone: (780) 440-3999
Edmonton Rapid Tool Development
5703 72A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2J1
Phone: (780) 440-2248
Fax: (780) 733-1294735
Edmonton M2
9221 48th Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2R9
Phone: (780) 702-4900
  Estevan District Office
2 Malmgren Drive (HWY 39), Box 171
Estevan, Saskatchewan S4A 2A3
Phone: (306) 634-9056
Grande Prairie District Office
11419 – 95th Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 5P7
Phone: (780) 402-7701 
Red Deer District Office
178 Clearview Drive
Red Deer, Alberta T4E 0A1
Phone: (403) 340-0735 

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