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Serving the oilfield services industry, Omni Water Solutions provides highly automated mobile water systems for water treatment and reuse.

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Austin, Texas
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Omni Water Solutions is an emerging technology company, which specializes in developing and deploying mobile water treatment platforms for water re-use. Through its patented Octozone™ automation technology, Omni’s platforms are able to treat a wide variety of contaminated, high-volume water sources. The result is output water custom tailored to the requirements needed by the operator at significantly lower energy and maintenance costs.

Omni Water Solutions offers the H.I.P.P.O® mobile treatment platforms for frac water applications and the R.H.I.N.O™ mobile potable water applications. Both platforms are ideal for high volume water situations and have been designed to utilize the least amount of energy possible. All Omni systems feature our patented Octozone™ automation technology – a robust, fully-automated system that integrates membrane technology with advanced analytics and software.

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