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We are a Canadian Dealer for Hovertechnics Inc., a large American manufacturer of hovercraft. Hovertechnics has delivered almost 800 craft to clients worldwide since 1984.

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Northern Hovercraft Sales and Service 2003, is the Western Canadian and Alaskan Dealer for Hovertechnics Inc. and the Canadian and AlaskanDistributor for Pacific Hovercraft (NZ) Ltd.We offer hovercraft feasibility studies, route assessments,demonstrations, sales, training, post-sales support and parts supply to recreational and commercial clients.Advantages of HovercraftHovercraft are true four season machines and offer a number of potential advantages over boats. A hovercraft travels over the surface of the water without concern for depth or hidden obstacles and will travel against the current of a river with no reduction in speed. Hovercraft are unaffected by small waves and offer a comfortable smooth ride. Hovercraft do not create wakes and are safe around swimmers as there are no propellers in the water. Many hovercraft have sufficient cushion height to pass right over a person in the water. Having a hovercraft eliminates the need to launch from docks.The unique capabilities of hovercraft are recognised and appreciated by a diverse group of end users. Hovercraft are in use worldwide with Search & Rescue Groups, Fire Departments, Airport Emergency Response Units, Military Units and Scientific Research Teams. Hovercraft are an integral part of numerous commercial operations including diving, tourism, water taxi, ferry service, ice breaking, goods delivery, survey, environmental monitoring, film & television and guide outfitting.Want to learn more? For more information please contact us.

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