Mad Kat Power Tongs Inc.


Power Tongs up to 13 3/8 and Laydown Machine up to 13 3/8. We pride on using the best technolgy we can find to take out to the job site for our clients. All our equipment is maintained on a regualar basis to ensure efficency and quality.

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3144 Palliser Dr. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2V 4B7

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We are a progressive new company with the experience and drive that you would be hard pressed to find in this current element. From senior management to the youngest member of our team we have a mandate to drive forward to provide our clients with un surpassed skill and equipment that is second to none.From the date of inception we have been striving to provide something that has not be offered before and we found that in search for the better mouse trap, we already had it. Our people coupled with the state of the art equipment, our flexibility to take on any job and smooth organization gives us a seamless fluidic movement from time of the call to end of the job.We are one of a handful of companies offering both laydown services and power tongs but with a twist, we believe in cross training. Meaning if there is an overage of time on location for any unknown reason when you are using our full service, we can immediately switch to a tri-shift system. Our tri-shift system is where we rotate three qualified operators from tongs to laydown insuring there is never an over houred man operating equipment. Also saving our clients both mileage, fuel costs, down time and substantially decreasing the chance of a lost time accident due to fatigue.With the experience of our staff you will immediately notice the fluidic way our rig ups and rig downs are accomplished. Not only are they quick, but safe and this only comes with experience.

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