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We reduce drilling costs by minimizing lost circulation and utilizing select drilling fluids additives with proven application techniques. We specialize in reducing differential sticking, torque, drag, drill string balling, shale instability and more...

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"Lcs Int'l, Inc. is committed to reducing drilling project costs for our customers by minimizing the challenges and risks attributed to lost circulation. We also specialize in minimizing differential sticking, torque, drag, drill string balling, shale instability, formation damage, deep water/shallow water flows and under ground blowouts. The best way to achieve this is bridging the gap between lab test data and actual field applications."Lcs Int'l, Inc. is a company founded by an individual with over 45 years of experience in the oilfield industry and over 20 years in both lab and field knowledge in the drilling-fluids industry. We use the most modern techniques and technical expertise developed in collaboration with major oil companies. Our goal is to provide your company with the highest quality products and the most knowledgeable staff to help solve your drilling-fluids problems. We accomplish this by assisting our clients in identifying specific needs, offering high quality products for solutions, aiding in applications, and performing post well documentation for insight to future wells; improving efficiency and lowering well cost.Lcs Int'l, Inc. considers you a valued client and will work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and to develop a continuing relationship with your organization. We utilize a select line of drilling fluids additives combined with proven application techniques in order to reduce the time and cost required to drill oil and gas wells. These savings are achieved by reducing or eliminating problems associated with: differential sticking in depleted sands, torque and drag, inability to slide while motor drilling, bit and BHA balling, lost circulation, and shale instability.The Black Diamond High Volume Mixing Hopper Installed in Presolubilizing TankThe Black Diamond High Volume Mixing Hopper's built-in transfer system can be totally isolated from mud pits. This eliminates contamination of rig drilling and completion fluids, which can be a costly mistake when oil, synthetic mud or heavy brine is used. This high volume mixing hopper can be used for cement mix water. Since the system is totally isolated from mud pits, it ensures there is no contamination of drilling or completion fluids. Presolubilizing chemicals is an excellent task for The Black Diamond High Volume Mixing Hopper. It ensures getting maximum benefits of all chemicals used. Mixing time is faster and minimizes the time the derrick man spends mixing treatments. This special mixing and transfer system eliminates dumping products directly into the mud systems thus providing a homogeneous mixture. Installed in Rig TankThe Black Diamond High Volume Mixing Hopper can be installed directly into the rig's slugging tank or mud tank. This will provide all the advantages of the hopper with a reduced price and a reduced foot-print. Please feel free to call anytime for answers to your questions or for any additional information.

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