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K & S Oilfield Hauling offers a full range of oilfield and heavy hauling services available to you, from bed trucks, picker and up to 48 wheel combinations, we can handle your hauling requirements.

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Box 87 S 8 RR 1
Strathmore, Alberta
Canada, T1P1J6

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K & S Oilfield Hauling About K & S Oilfield Hauling - All our drivers and team are professionals, and are thoroughly trained and are aware of all the general responsibilities, as well follow all legislative and client specific requirements regarding Health & Safety, Environment, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and much more. 

  • Oilfield Hauling - K&S has specialized equipment to move most Oil & Natural Gas Rigs in a safe manner. We pride ourselves in being fast, safe and getting the job done in a manner pleasing to the client.
  • Heavy Hauling - K&S has the correct equipment needed to move most types of buildings and equipment
  • Winch Tractors - K&S has a number of different types of winch tractors. We have some trucks with planetary hubs needed to reduce the gearing for heavier loads. 
  • Tridrive Tractors - Our Tridrive Tractors are very much like our Winch Tractor in every way, with the addition of one more drive axle which is sometimes needed when the ground gets soft and during road ban sessions.
  • Trailers, Boosters and Jeeps - K&S has a number of different types of trailers
    - Tridem Scissor Neck Low Boy
    - Tridem Lowpro
    - Tridem Highboy
    - 24 Wheel Scissor Neck Low Boy
    - 24 Wheel Lowpro
    - 24 Wheel Highboy
    - 16 Wheel Jeeps
    - 8 Wheel Boosters
  • Bed Trucks - K&S has several types of bed trucks made for a specific purpose. We have Bed trucks ranging in length from 385" to 400". All of our bed trucks have gin poles if needed.
  • Pilot Cars K&S has Pilot Cars which help and assist us in the safe and precise movement of the task at hand.
All Drivers Are Professionals
K&S is very big on safety, we have numerous safety qualifications to meet and have our employees meet.

K&S Certifications
  • COR Certified 
  • WCB Qualified
  • Members of PSAC
  • Members of ISNetworld
All of our employees are required to have valid and up to date Training in
  • H2S Training
  • First Aid Training 
  • WHIMIS Training
  • TDG Training 
K&S also has a fully certified shop in where we perform our own CVIP’S which are needed each year to make sure the trucks stay in great condition. K&S Oilfield Hauling also takes great pride in being incident free for the past 2 years. We feel this makes us very sought after in this type of industry.
Serving Central and Southern Alberta
With our head office in Strathmore Alberta, we are located in the heart of the Oil and Gas industry and are well located to move your equipment. We can respond quickly, our staff are ready to go and we look forward to working with you. Whether it's 1 load or a Rig Move, we will do our best to move your load quickly, and efficiently. 

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Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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