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JB Water and Vacuum Services specializes in providing vacuum and water trucks to the oilfield industry. We haul and dispose of any drilling material such as shale, drilling mud and other fluids. We haul water to locations wit

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JB Water and Vacuum Services specializes in providing vacuum and water trucks to the oilfield industry. Specifically, we haul and dispose of any drilling material such as shale, drilling mud and other fluids. Our water trucks haul water to locations for mud tanks and boilers.

We work with the oilfield companies themselves and numerous environmental companies to make sure these waste materials are disposed of in a way that is safe for the environment.

The majority of our trucks are prorated for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the North West Territories.

Vacuum Trucks
J.B.'s vacuum trucks are equipped with specialized agitator systems to ensure that all of the materials the truck acquires are disposed of completely. Because the viscosity of the waste material varies, the denser liquids and shale naturally settle to the bottom of the tank. The agitator system rotates constantly in the tank for easier removal of the materials. This in return disposes of all solids, such as shale and cuttings while land spreading to keep clean up costs to a minimum for the oil companies. Our vacuum trucks are also equipped with high efficiently Fruit Land Pumps or Hibon blowers. As well, flotation tires can also be used when needed. These tires assist the trucks when accessing difficult terrain and leave the environment in the location as undisturbed as possible.

In addition to our conventional units, JB Water and Vacuum Service has a specially designed Vacuum truck called a Terra-Gator. This unit is a vacuum unit on a Terra-Gator chassis. This chassis was designed mostly for agricultural applications but we found that its special design works ideally for our purposes.

These units are designed to operate in difficult locations like swamps or very muddy areas. The Terra-Gator's larger flotation tires and superior mobility make it easier for the driver to operate in conditions where the average truck would have difficulty.

Water Trucks
J.B. water & Vacuum Service's water trucks have 100 barrel tanks, which supply drilling rigs with water to fill mud tanks, rig tanks, and to provide water for boilers. Our water trucks are also used to spray roads in dry conditions to keep dust to a minimum. We get this water from local water sources, such as lakes, rivers or farmers dugouts. Because of difficult terrain in some drilling locations our water trucks can also be equipped with flotation tires.

Service Truck
J.B. water & Vacuum Service has a one of a kind service truck. This truck is a 2001 Freightliner specially designed with all our mechanical needs in mind. This truck is fully equipped with all parts and tools to assist us with all our on-site repairs and mechanical needs.

Our service truck is equipped with an air operated suction pump which enables us to remove oils form the vehicles without leaving any contamination to the environment.

Our mission is to constantly improve our vacuum and water truck service that we provide our loyal customers and new ones.

We value business ethics, financial performance, employee development, safety, and environmental protection.


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JB Water & Vacuum Service - (Millet)

Box 531
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