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FMC Engineering is an equipment rebuilding and reconditioning company specializing in the power generation,chemical,refining and manfacturing industries.Please call us for more information or visit our website at

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6420 Winfree Dr.
Houston, Texas
United States, 77087

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Industries Served include:? REFINERIES ? CHEMICAL / PETROCHEMICAL ? POWER PLANTS ? PULP & PAPER MILLS ? MANUFACTURING ? MINING ? PLASTIC? AEROSPACE ? PHARMACEUTICAL ? OIL & GAS DRILLERS? WATER / WASTEWATER FACILITIES ? TEXTILE MILLS ? HEAVY CONSTRUCTION & RAILROAD ? STEEL MILLS? PIPE / PIPELINE COMPANIES ? RUBBER MANUFACTURERS ? FOOD AND DAIRY INDUSTRIES ? MARINE FMC Engineering can rebuild and recondition all types of gear boxes and speed reducers no matter who the original manufacturer is!FMC Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services specializing in the field of process control valves and related products for the power, chemical and petroleum industriesDON'T SCRAP OLD VALVES! We can repair, rebuild and recondition them to O.E.M. specifications. We can manufacture complete valve components and trim to your specifications.FMC Engineering has staffed our service and custom gear repair and reconditioning department with dedicated mechanical and metallurgical engineers who specialize in gearbox repair and manufacture of new, upgraded gears. No matter who the Original Equipment Manufacturer is, FMC is capable of providing a complete report of your existing gearbox and making sound recommendations to improve chronically ill drives. We can greatly increased the capacities and service life of many different types of gearboxes by analyzing the existing components and then providing better solutions for gears, pinion shafts, bearings, etc, than the OEM?s.

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