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Factoring Solutions is a privately funded asset based lender specializing in cash flow management. If you need working capital we off cash now for accounts receivable.

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Factoring Solutions offers clients alternatives to conventional lenders by:

  • Taking into account your outstanding receivables regardless of the age/history of your company.
  • Working to understand your business and your unique situation.
  • Acting fast to get you the resources you need as soon as possible.
  • Being easy to get in touch with and easy to deal with.

Factoring is an agreement where a Corporation sells specific accounts receivables from a business at a discount so that the Corporation can have instant access to cash.

Why use Factoring:

  1. Many businesses can improve their cash flow, fuel growth and improve their business' efficiency by factoring receivables.
  2. Often times it is more economical, more conservative and less time consuming to factor receivables to finance growth then to begin to daunting task of looking for debt investors.
  3. Often it is more economical and less time consuming to factor receivables then to pay and supervise administrative collections staff.

The Factoring Process:

  1. Client approaches Factoring Solutions with invoices they would like to factor.
  2. Factoring Solutions staff verifies the invoices and enters into an agreement with the client to purchase the receivables from the client.
  3. Factoring Solutions advances 75 – 80% of the invoices face value to the client via cheque, wire or internet transfer.
  4. Factoring Solutions receives the payment on the original invoice and then pays the client the remaining amount less interest and fees.

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