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Excell Battery Company offers a broad range of battery technology which is supported by some of the most advanced battery manufacturers of the world.

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Excell Battery Company supplies batteries for various downhole oilfield applications. No other battery application places as high a demand on the ability of cells and batteries to withstand high temperature, high vibration, and high shock. This unique environment requires users to carefully select, specify, and design in cells and batteries for their application.
High temperature Lithium Battery Characteristics
Batteries and cells used in the downhole environment require a very unique battery design. High temperature lithium cells from Electrochem are best suited for these applications because of:
  • High voltage – 3.6 to 3.9 V per cell
  • Highest energy density of any power source. This is a unit of measurement describing how much energy per weight or volume in a cell.
  • High temperature capability – lithium cells can be designed to withstand temperatures up to 200 C.
  • Capability of withstanding extreme amounts of shock and vibration
  • Manufacturing process that ensures extremely high reliability and safety.

Excell Battery Packs Feature

  • Components capable with withstanding the temperature rating of the battery without degradation or out-gassing.
  • Carefully controlled internal welds and solder joints.
  • Proper selection of epoxies, encapsulants, heat shrink, and battery casings suitable for the application.
  • Assembly techniques specific for high temperature, high vibration, and high shock environments.

25 Years of experience and ISO 9001 certification ensure that your battery packs are made right every time. 

We are the industry leader in custom power solutions for more information please contact us or visit our website.



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