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Crossroads Coring Ltd of Calgary provides Directional Drilling, Surface Launch Machines 2" to 24".

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4645 34A St SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2B3J6

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Crossroads Coring Ltd. is a directional drilling company located in Calgary, Alberta.
We have been drilling holes for the installation of underground utilities in the southern Alberta region for over 22 years.
Crossroads Coring Ltd. continually improves its drilling capabilities by keeping up with current technology. They were the first drilling company in Calgary to utilize an electronic locating and tracking system. When the surface launch directional drills became available Crossroads Coring Ltd. purchased a 7x11. Currently in use is a range of drills, from a 7x11 capable of drilling 40-50 meters with 7000 pounds of push/pull force, up to our new 80x100 capable of drilling 600+ meters with 80,000 pounds push/pull force and depth, pitch, and temperature accuracy up to 40 feet deep.
The safety of all Crossroads Coring Ltd. personnel & the protection of the environment and physical assets are of the utmost importance to the conduct of its operations. At Crossroads Coring Ltd. no job is so important that sufficient time cannot be taken to do the job safely.
Crossroads Coring Ltd. complies with Occupational Health & Safety regulations and the Alberta Construction Safety Association to maintain our Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR). We voluntarily participate in the Partner’s in Injury Reduction (PIR) program together with the Worker’s Compensation Board.
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Cell: 403-861-0213

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