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Champagne Edition Inc. manufactures rubber access matting for roads, walk ways for personnel and heavy equipment. We have products for industrial, commercial and residential use.

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57425 RR253
Stry, Alberta
Canada, T0G 1L1

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Champagne Edition Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high value, end use, recycled rubber products in Canada and throughout the world. The company operates out of a 70,000 square foot plant, which is situated 30 minutes north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Champagne Edition along with Rubber Tech International employs 90 – 100 people. The company utilizes 11 million pounds of material per month which equals 500,000 tires per month. All raw material is Western Canada based (ALBERTA), however the company anticipates outsourcing raw material in the future based on increased consumer demand for the company's high quality products.

In 2008 we recycled over 6 million tires a year. Rubber access matting can be used for shop floors, road crossings, camp operations, storage/ operation pads, roadways, and shock absorption.

We have the largest rubber mats for heavy duty operations, as well as smaller mats that can be handled without equipment to provide that crucial walkway or pad. Rubber does not absorb water and will not rot. Take advantage of slip resistant rubber for your applications today.


Toll Free: (866) 326-3539

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