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Badger Daylighting LP safely exposes underground utilities & pipelines to daylight. Excavation solutions in challenging conditions & congested locations.

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Protecting the Environment

Environmental damage and restoration costs are also significantly reduced using Badger's hydrovac system because surface damage in the surrounding excavation zone is greatly minimized. Badger's hydrovac technology is not limited to traditional shoring and trenching:

  • Our Excavation Services include:
  • Daylighting and Potholing
  • Slot Trenching
  • Debris Removal and Cleanups
  • Maintenance and Installation Service Pits
  • Poles and Piling Holes
  • Trench Shoring / Shoring
  • Industrial Hydrovac Applications

Badger's hydrovac excavator systems service a wide variety of specialized excavation, trenching and shoring jobs:

  • Oil and gas industry: tank and pipeline cleaning and pipeline trenching
  • Utility sector: Piling holes and pole holes Communications: Slot trenching
  • Environmental: Debris removal and cleanouts
  • Construction: Shoring and slot trenching

Many companies find that subcontracting their vacuum excavation is a cost-effective solution that eliminates risk and increases productivity. Cell #: (780) 573-4226

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