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Argo Sales Ltd. (1967) is an oil and gas services company specializing in the manufacture of surface production equipment, storage tanks and custom facility fabrication.

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655 - 30th Ave
Nisku, Alberta
Canada, T9E 0R4

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Argo Sales Ltd. is an enterprising company specializing in the custom manufacture of oil and gas surface production facilities and storage tanks.

Our head office is located in Calgary, AB. With a strategically located manufacturing facilities in Central and Southern Alberta, Argo is ideally situated to serve the needs of the Western Canadian oil and gas industry.

Manufactured Products

  • Storage Tanks
    • Oilfield Storage Tanks
    • Double Wall OF Storage Tanks
  • Separators
  • Meter Skid Packages
  • Line Heaters
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Methanol Spheres
  • Dehydration Units
    • Desiccant Dehydration Units
    • Glycol Dehydration Units
  • Knockout Drums
  • Pressure Tanks
    • Vapor Tight Tanks

Argo Sales Ltd. Has Welding crews in Medicine Hat available 24/7 to provide on-site repairs and servicing.

We also offer full repair services for tanks and process equipment at all our branches in Western Canada. 
Argo has the experience, technical expertise and manufacturing capacity to service the majority of your needs. With an excellent reputation for quality products and timely delivery Argo has developed a presence both in Canada and in the international marketplace.

Toll Free: (866) 955-8660 


Calgary - Head Office
#1300, 717 - 7th Ave., S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0Z3
Phone (403) 265-6633
Voice Mail (403) 265-6731
Fax (403) 266-2770
Toll Free: (866) 930-6633

Medicine Hat
925 23 Street S.W.
Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 8R1
Phone (403) 526-3142
Fax (403) 526-1061
Toll Free: (800) 215-9806

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