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3M Company serves the global oil and gas industry with a broad range of technologies to maximize production, help maintain continuity of operations and enhance worker safety.

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3M has been supplying products to the Oil and Gas business for over 50 years. Today, nearly 10,000 3M products are available into every corner of the industry  from exploration and production to transportation, refining and marketing.


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Midstream Solutions


Downstream Solutions

3M Oil & Gas products help you improve drilling efficiency, maintain pipeline integrity and protect your valuable equipment and personnel.    Protect pipelines against corrosion, manage underground assets and ensure reliable product flow – even under extreme conditions.    From refining and storage applications to promoting your brand image, 3M
Oil & Gas technologies help improve productivity, promote safety, and keep you up and running.

From everyday essentials – such as respirators, abrasives and electrical connectors – to advanced materials for preventing corrosion and reducing the density of downhole cements, 3M technologies offer you a wealth of ingenious solutions to many of today’s toughest challenges. 

3M Company products also includes glass bubbles for density control of drilling fluids and superior cementing jobs, stimulation chemicals, innovative products and a range of efficient filtration technologies.

3M Oil and Gas offers you a wealth of practical and proven applications that you can put to work right now, to make your workplace more productive, more efficient and safer. Even more important, we are connecting 3M's vast technology portfolio to find innovative ways of solving tomorrow's most difficult application challenges.

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