This hv transformer oil filtration utilizes physiochemical means to recover deteriorated transformer oil and breaker oil

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Solve the transformer oil dielectric loss exceeded the method used in two ways:





With ZHONGNENG ZYD transformer oil treatment, electrical life are brought equivalent in new transformer oil. Transformer oil regeneration process can be eliminate acid, moisture, gas, sediment,fitler particles from the oil with the thermo-vacuum system and improve the quality

ZHONGNENG can also be used as a mobile type machine to clean oil in a number of machines.







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one is to replace the failed oil, re-injected into the electrical test and chemical analysis of the indicators are qualified oil; the other is excessive oil regeneration.

(1) replace the failed oil. Replace the failed oil system outage time can be shortened, just put the old net transformer oil, rinse the qualified oil of the transformer, the transformer vacuum oiling. This treatment is more applicable to the unit does not allow an extended power outage; unit operation for a long time, the acid value is higher, the oil is dark yellow or brown, free water or oil clouding, and overall degradation. But the oil is better oil filter transformer "flush" thorough, and oil-consuming and not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, excessive oil should not be first choice for oil processing.

(2) regeneration. Regeneration processing in physical chemistry or chemical methods to remove oil, hazardous substances, to restore or improve the physical and chemical indicators of the oil. Common method of regenerating: adsorbent France and sulfuric acid a white indigenous. Adsorbent method is suitable for degradation, to a lesser extent oil; sulfuric acid a white indigenous suited to deal with the deterioration degree of heavy oil. The adsorbent law can be divided into contact with France and filtration assay, contact legal systems using powdered adsorbents (such as clay, 801 adsorbent) regeneration and oil in a stir-contact; percolation law forcing oil through equipped with granular adsorbents (such as silica gel, particulate clay and activated alumina, etc.) of the purifier, leachate regeneration treatment. More serious deterioration of transformer oil can be used sulfuric acid a white indigenous renewable handling. Sulfuric acid treatment to remove oil in a variety of aging products, clay processing a bad thing after acid treatment to eliminate residual oil. , Often encountered in actual production and operation of oil by vacuum filtration and purification, the water content of oil is small, the dielectric loss of oil due to higher values, it is because the number of oil dielectric loss not only with the water with many factor. From the above analysis can be found, most of the transformer oil dielectric loss factor increased because of the oil soluble polar substances (eg, sol, etc.) due to the increase. For the sol particles, the diameter of the 10-gm ~ 10-Tm between, through the filter paper, so the dielectric loss factor by two vacuum oil processing can not achieve their goals, so the oil dielectric loss factor caused by this reason increases, usually filtration assay regeneration treatment can get good results.


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