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Dave Hancock, Premier of Alberta, to give a Keynote speech at the SPE Heavy Oil Conference 2014 press coverage by Oilfield Directory's Journalists - Newswire service

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With many oil and gas engineers set to retire in the near future there is an increasing demand for skilled petroleum engineers to take their place. The University of Alberta offers the only accredited BSc Petroleum Engineering degree program in Canada.

(Newswire.net -- June 14, 2013) Calgary, AB -- With global development there is a growing need for...

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Finding the perfect directional or horizontal drilling company that offers a premium service with quality equipment and a well-trained crew can be a formidable task. Employers will be looking for long term success and the ability to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

(Newswire.net -- April 26, 2013) Calgary, AB -- Finding the perfect directional or...

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