The Joy of Hassle Free

Published: 11/12/2011

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Tip on Customer Service Systems and Trends

The Joy of 'Hassle Free'

Maybe you've noticed lately that buying stuff is becoming more stressful. The smallest item is cemented in oversized industrial plastic packaging that's impossible to open without mechanical assistance. Electronic devices come with 40 page manuals you are expected to study and memorize in your spare time. Returning something for service requires finding the original packaging and paperwork, spending time and postage, waiting and hoping. Sound familiar? As this unfortunate trend worsens the good news is you can differentiate your business by being easier to do business with. Easy is different. Simple is better. Whether it's your ease of access, operation, or getting service you'll stand out by giving your customers a buying experience that's hassle free.

Today's Chuckle:
The hardness of butter is directly proportional to the softness of the bread.

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