Twenty Months to Prosperity and Peace of Mind

Published: 10/12/2011

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"Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, is kind of order that sets me free to fly." Julie Andrews

A few months ago I wrote about the good sense to save a smitten of your bank deposits to a special savings account - I stressed a token sum of 5 percent of each deposit each time- and in twenty months you will have a new nest egg equal to a month's sales.

Now before you pooh- pooh my suggestion as a bit too theoretical-a nice idea- but it won't work- or that I don't understand your cash problems- let me to tell you about a business in Florida a small two person business- that in two months stashed away over $4000,00. The owners are beginning to smile again. They have a personal goal of twenty months to peace of mind. I asked if they miss the five percent- much to their surprise not a bit. And they are thinking of pushing the five percent up a notch or two. They also told me, that paying themselves first on a program basis is so simple and so effective- why didn't they do it before.

And they, are not alone, Roger, the owner of a small store, caught my earlier column and decided why not! Roger-who plans to retire in a few years- is stashing the five percent away each day-and he is amazed how quickly and painlessly his new hoard is growing. He told me he is sorry that he did not do it sooner. He is surprised how easy it is, and he never misses the nickel on a dollar that he skims from the top to his special saving account.

A plumbing contractor told me he is just starting my twenty months to peace of mind program and so far so good. He has one month under his belt, and it was a snap. Nineteen to go! Knowing the owner as I do, he too, will succeed.

And unfortunately, I know of a 3 million dollar company that has constant cash management problems. And in my opinion will continue to. The management keeps managing the same way but expects different results and of course, nothing changes. I suggested the program- and as I expected they had a million reasons why they could not do it. Even 3 percent was "too" much. Just think, at 5 percent in 20 months, they would have a cool quarter of a million stashed. Contrast that to over-drafts and worry.

If I sound preachy- I am, as over the years, I have seen this program work so many times. It is all based on the simple premise- pay yourself first. If you wait for the perfect time to start your saving program- it will never happen. And while you may think that as soon as your current crisis is under control, you will start to make some financial progress. I hope you are right, but experience dictates otherwise, Success in business is solving problems. Accept the fact that all businesses have a daily dose of problems- and so will you. Here is the point, regardless of the problem at hand, just as you pay your payroll taxes, your landlord or bank, you now have a new personal tax.

And here is the last argument to follow the program- if you tell me you can't afford it-remember you still have the money- you did not spend it you saved it- and if you have that cash emergency- borrow from your fund and pay it back with your 5 percent plan.

Dr Paul E Adams, Professor Emeritus Business, Ramapo College of New Jersey & Retired Entrepreneur, Syndicated Columnist, Host of the access cable TV program "Tri -State Movers and Shakers," and Author of Fail-Proof Your Business, Available @ Amazon Dot Com. Comments, questions, or suggestions to: