I'm Probably Overselling This

Published: 11/12/2011

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Tip on How to Sell

I'm Probably Overselling This...

Imagine you're a customer who has asked a sales rep for more information about a product or service. The sales rep is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and most importantly - it's obvious she clearly understands what your wants and needs are and how this particular product will address those needs. Suddenly as if catching herself, she stops and says, "I'm probably overselling this - what do you think?" The beauty of this question is that it shows even thought the rep is describing her company's products/services, she's still thinking about your perspective as the customer. It also shows humility and humour - something buyers appreciate. And it is a wonderful way of asking for the order without coming across as pushy. Not bad for one line.

Today's Chuckle:
Always try to be modest and be proud of it!

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