Many companies use to improve communication and collaboration within the oil & gas industry.

Oilpals provides an open communication and collaboration environment that is both secure and holds individuals accountable for their actions.

Increase trust and sharing across teams
Ensure corporate IT policies
Establish accountability
Engage employees & drive retention

Employee Interaction & Experience

Employee input in active discussions within and across departments can provide amazing benefits for your organization. Many companies in the oilfield industry are dealing with an aging workforce, and it's critical to capture their knowledge and experience prior to their retirement. Additionally, many companies struggle with departmental organizations where cross team collaboration and open communication are almost non-existent, at great loss to company innovation and culture. helps companies deal with these challenges by allowing employees to participate in open conversations about topics that interest them the most. helps companies capture expert knowledge, break down departmental communication barriers and instill a culture that promotes innovation and open discussions.

Capture expert knowledge
Eliminate departmental barriers
Increase innovation and production
Reduce email communications

New Employee Orientation

Training new employees can be an extremely costly and time-consuming process. In addition to learning new products, services and processes, employees must learn to adapt in a new corporate setting and establish trusted networks with other employees on their team. helps companies establish a central location for new employees to find and connect with company experts, understand company policies, organizational structure & processes, and learn about the company's customers and past successes. allows new employees to quickly absorb company information and instantaneously become part of the company's social fabric.

Reduce orientation training costs
Attract first-class employee candidates
Improve new employee performance
Maintain company culture helps new employees build relationships, learn what others do in the organization, and understand the undocumented knowledge of the company.