Oil Rig Job Training

Published: 22/12/2009

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The oil industry is by far one of the most flourishing industries in the world. There is a constant demand for oil and natural gas. This increased demand calls for workers in the oil fields all over the world – both onshore and offshore.

There are jobs available in nearly every part of the world - Alaska, Texas, North Dakota, Canada, the North Sea, Brazil, the Middle East, the African Coast, Japan, in fact anywhere they are extracting oil.

Employment opportunities are abundant with the increased need for oil. Since there are more jobs available than workers, the pay is good. With a lack of workers you can also depend more on job security in the oil industry.

Entry-level jobs on an oil rig start at about $50, 000 to $75,000 a year, and there is an opportunity for advancement. Pay increases with experience as one gets promoted from roughneck or floor hand to driller and rig supervisor.

There is great potential in the oil field. The work is physically hard but the rewards more than make up for it. You get to work around heavy equipment in remote locations both onshore and offshore.

You can earn over of $25 an hour your first day on the job working on an oil rig. The best way to get a job on the oil rig is to participate in a professional oil rig training course. Oil rig training is beneficial for gaining knowledge and practical experience that will prepare you for your job on the oil rig. Oil rig training takes utilizes both classroom and field training to introduce you to oil rig equipment and to teach you the specialized skills that you will use as an entry level oil rig worker - like that of a roustabout or roughneck.

These training courses are absolutely crucial to landing a job in the oil industry and they can cost several thousands of dollars. It is definitely worth the investment. A good training program will teach you:

Oil Rig Operations
Hoisting and Rigging Safety
Well Control
Hoisting and Lifting Operations
Laying Pipe
HAZMAT Materials
OSHA Regulations
plus a whole lot more…

Good training programs send a many of their graduates directly into the work force all over the world. Major companies are more inclined to hire well-trained workers, rather than someone without any experience. If you get the proper training you will be working in one of the world's biggest industries as soon as you graduate. Training does not take long within a month you could be trained and ready to go.

The major drilling, exploration and production companies are aggressively recruiting energetic, hard workers individual that are ready for an exciting career. Even when the rest of the economy is struggling, the demand for oil keeps progressing.