Oil Pipeline Job Descriptions

Published: 13/12/2009

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Here is a list of Oil Pipeline Job Descriptions


Job description: Maintain and repair the pumping stations and pipelines that can be located on a distance up to 100 miles near the pipeline including the infrastructure supporting them, such as storage tanks.

As pipelines deteriorate due to exposure to the elements they need maintenance.Pipeliners routinely remove soil, debris and rust from gauges, valves, and with sandblasting equipment. They upkeep the exterior of the pipeline by either painting it or covering it with anti-corrosive material. Pipeliners may be called to operate heaving equipment (ex. bulldozers); ensuring pipe fittings are sound and free of leaks.

Pipeliners work mostly outside covering large stretches of pipeline (20-100 miles) that are located between pumping stations. Pipeliners have to know how to position and lay pipe and position pipeline equipment such as fittings, pumps, valves, pipes and able to use instrumentation for welders, fitters, mechanics and carpenters.

Average Pay Rate: $12 - $15 per hour

Pipeline Walker:

Job description: Detect any leakage or other potential problems by walking the pipeline. A pipeline walker is a specialist who patrol's oil and gas systems and pipelines to locate and assess washouts, breaks in joints, locate leaks and downed or damaged communication infrastructure such as poles or wires. Depending upon the terrain and pipeline layout, the line walker may patrol these areas on foot, horseback or vehicle.

Line walkers should also know how troubleshoot other pipeline problems, they repair clogged valves and inspect automatic drip bleeders on gas lines.

The job of a Line Walker often requires the person to be in good physical condition, work independently, a good problem solver, and be highly detailed.

Average Pay Rate: Compensation depends upon experience but varies from $18.00 to $21.00 per hour


Job description: Organize and lay out sections of pipeline in preparation for welding. They align the pipe according to proper fitting. Pipelayers must know how to insert steel spacers where needed. Experience driving tractors is necessary to ensure the correct placement of pipeline sections. They also need to be familiar with known hand signals used in communicating with heavy equipment operators. They need to be aware of the physical placement of pipeline sections to avoid pipe damage. Pipelayers should be proficient in the operation of hydraulic wenches and mechanical.

Average Salary: $45,000-70,000 per year

Quality Assurance Chemist: What they do: Ensure compliance with a QA program based upon industry standards and regulatory requirements such as those published by the NELAC, API, EPA, and ASTM. Work is generally performed in petroleum laboratories validating and studying external and internal laboratory data, authoring standard operating procedures and reviewing and approving corrective actions.

Quality Assurance Chemists must have direct experience using Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) or similar data management systems for storing, retrieving, validating, and reporting analytical results.

Average Salary: $60,000 - $90,000

Pipeline Design Engineer:

Job description: Draft project models and construction specifications related to the design and construction of oil and natural gas pipelines and infrastructure. Other responsibilities include:

Supervising operation teams to ensure the best operating practices for the pipeline. Monitoring equipment condition and performance, rReliability assessments, using computer programs such as AutoCad, pipeline design engineers create three-dimensional virtual models of the pipeline installations including topographic and other criteria to allow the company to predict any potential problem areas during the pipe laying procedures.

Pipeline Design Engineers work alongside the project managers and optimizes designs and facilities to provide reliable and cost effective pipeline installations.

Average Yearly Salary: $85,000-$145,000 per year based on experience.