Oil & Gas Conferencing

Published: 09/07/2011

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There are many advantages to oil & gas online conferencing. Traditional conferences mean participants have to travel and arrange accommodations. This can be very expensive and is time consuming. An online conference uses the Internet as a conference venue. This means that participants can access the conference from anywhere in the world and can do this at any time. Participants are able to log on and share ideas and information. They are given a password to access the various conference and seminar groups as well as closed discussion groups. Anyone with Internet access can participate in the online conference.

Some of the advantages of online conferencing are:

inexpensive - there is no travel, and no accommodations are required;
convenience - access any time from anywhere with an Internet connection;
increased participation - typically, people feel more comfortable and will participate more actively in an online conference than in a face to face conference;
standard of the discussions is usually higher;
wider range of participants more locations, more people, more variety
a permanent record of proceedings.

Online conferences can be synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of both. A forum type of conference where people post messages in reply to a topic is an example of asynchronous conferencing. This is excellent way to develop a discussion over time.

Synchronous conferencing is live chat, or live web casting. For example, you can use the Talk2 im to communicate live with other delegats.Talk2 web casts can be recorded, and viewed later.