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Published: 10/04/2013

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 At Oilfield Directory we provide our clients with a unique tech savvy approach towards their mobile application development. Our developers produce world-class mobile apps, designed to meet simple or complex needs.

Our expertise covers the wide range of mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Mobile. Oilfield Directory developers are industry leaders in mobile app design and development for the oil and gas industry.

Mobile App adoption is key to operating a successful business

iPhone App Development

Oilfield Directory developers seek to keep pace with emerging developer resources; as well we work hard to keep pricing competitive. Utilizing the latest application programming interface or API that is provided by Apple, adopting the latest newest web technologies, and using advanced library resources are all important to us when developing your app.  Also taking into account how the end-user will be using the iPhone app is also a determining factor in its development. Learn more…



iPad App Development

Oilfield Directory developers can design iOS applications specifically for iPad. Our apps are designed with auto-resizing and users in mind. We can offer options that the iPad app can be designed to stand alone or it can be combined with an iPhone app to create a ‘Universal’ app, which will work on both platforms. Whether you are using an iPad or iPhone you will be able to use the app. We do however recommend designing a version specifically for the iPad. End-users will appreciate the extra mile of going from goo to great. Learn more…



Android App Development

Oilfield Directory’s Mobile team is excited about the Google Android platform. Our team is actively involved in building Android applications for the oil and gas industry. Our portfolio consists of apps that are highly technical, easy to use and remarkably stunning. Whether you’re developing an Android application from scratch or creating an Android version of your iPhone app, Oilfield Directory app experts have the technical and design experience to make your project a reality. Learn more…



Oilfield Directory Delivers Complete App Development Services

As a technology driven organization Oilfield Directory is always focused on the future. By investing in mobile app development today is a strategic decision for your business. As new technology comes available we can inform you and update your app in a timely manner.

·         Design concepts, suggestions and analysis

·         Project evaluation and platform selection

·         Graphics design

·         Features and usage

·         Branding and style

·         Testing and research

·         Application development

·         Support and maintenance

Our skilled developers will work along with you throughout the development process. They are available to answers any questions or concerns you may have so that the end product will what you envisioned.

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