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Published: 01/11/2011

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People come online in droves, seeking to make money online fast. The problem is that most of them jump right in, without fully understanding how to properly market their website's and see little if no money in return.

I can tell you firsthand that experience will win out here everytime. It will take some bumps and bruises along the way for you to see money come rolling in. People don't like to hear that, but like everything in life, if you set small realistic goals for your business than you will not become discouraged and quit like so many people do.

First, you need a website to sell your goods and services. If you do not know html, than now is a good time to learn. You cand find many good, free WYSIWYG html editors online for free. It makes building your make money websites easy as pie and helps you learn at a much more manageable pace.

You can always visit Elance and bid out your website and have it built for you. Although it can be very costly in the long run. These are where programmers and web designers hangout looking for work.

Your website will want to look professional in order to turn sales and make money. Nobody trusts websites that look like some cheesy garbage that you just whipped up in 3 simple steps.

Nice looking graphics are very important. This is an ongoing battle for me, even after 7 years marketing online, it is still the hardest thing for me to get rightalthough I have come along way. There are many sites that offer tutorials online for getting your graphics just right. Photshop is a must have, if you are serious about making professional looking graphics, but it is not cheap.

How about an ezine to accompany your website. It is a proven fast that the majority of your visitors will not buy from you on the first visit. A weekly newsletter is an excellent way to get information to your subscribers that they crave and also your ads on a regular basis. In return your sales will increase as well as your monthly income from this one marketing tactic alone.

By doing a simple search for a bookmark script that you can copy and paste into your website, you have now made it quite easy for people to come back and visit your site regularly.

Content is "King". By sitting down and adding fresh content in the form of articles to your website, on a weekly basis, you ensure a steady flow of traffic from the search engines that is free. And a steady flow of traffic equals a steady flow of sales. The reason you are in business in the first place.

Submit articles that you have written on a regular basis with keywords that you are trying to rank high for in your article resource box. Over time this will help you drive alot of free traffic to your site and make money online.

Article marketing should not be taken lightly. This should be large portion of your marketing, beacause it is free and it is one of the most effective forms of marketing that you can do.

Viral marketing - Think about taking a series of 5 to 10 articles that you have written and making an ebook out of it. There are many ebook compiling softwares online that will help you do this. Give them away for free and also pass giveaway rights to others that download the book. This will take on a viral effect and help you market your goods on auto-pilot.

The reason many fail to make money online fast, is because you really can't. You have to learn how to implement these marketing techniques and that takes time. Everybody wants things to be done easily without much effort and as fast as possible. Like anything worthwhile in life it will take some time and investment on your part in order to make money online.

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