How to Lose a Customer in Under Five Seconds

Published: 04/12/2011

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Tip on How to Handle Customers on the Telephone

How to Lose a Customer in Under Five Seconds

Could this be the way your phones are answered? We're staying in Banff ordering a pizza to be delivered. I'm unfamiliar with Banff pizza places so look in the phone book and call the first listing. After four rings an angry, rushed voice answers by barking, "Aardvark Pizza!" I imagine the terrible things a hostile employee can do to my pizza and tell him I've misdialed. I phone the next listing and after two rings a cheerful voice answers, "Thank you for calling Athena Pizza, his is Carol." Sold. I wonder... can organizations afford not to invest in telephone skills training?

Today's Chuckle:
Visit our restaurant! The food's great and you'll like the ambulance, too.

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