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1, oil filter at startup, care should be taken not to pump reverse, so as to avoid blowing out oil pump shaft seal cause inhaled air.

2, oil filter in use during the pump sucks in air, affecting oil pump, in order to achieve the rated flow oil filter and a commitment to works of fine filter elements, please check that the filter pipeline is plugged in.

3, oil filter used for a period of time, as a result of coarse filter pollutants badly clogged due to poor surface and oil absorption (lack of oil), oil pump caused by excessive noise, please stop machine to remove oil filter cleaning or replacement filter cartridge.

4, fine filter to use for a period of time, susceptible to pollutants gradually blocked, causing the filter drum pressure rise when pressure gauge values up to 0.4MPa, need timely replacement of fine filter.

5, in order to guarantee the oil filter effect used oil, oil-absorbing hoses should be always kept clean.

6, if the oil cars could not enter the oil filter, check finds that:
A, shift transmission oil pump is correct;
B, fuel tanks to port between the reliability of components sealed, oil suction leave oil or oil has been finished or sucker suck barrel wall;
C, coarse filter is seriously blocked.
D, oil pump shaft seal for damage.

7, oil filter car traffic significantly reduces, please check finds that:
A, coarse and fine filter filter is blocked serious;
B, oil pump shaft oil seal wear and tear or due to long time anti-causing blowing out instead.

8, filter pressure suddenly dropped, check the fine filter elements for breakdown damage

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