Author Name: Pan Ren




1.1 General introduction
The tester can record switch operation waveform in overall process. The longest time is 6.4s.It can test various parameters such as transition waveform, transition time, transition resistance and three phase synchronization one time and analyze results automatically. It has power-off protection, over-voltage protection, perpetual clock and high-speed printing.

1.2 Technique index
1. Three way independent test power, the maximum output current is 0.5A.
2. Processing part: 80C320 high speed 8 digit microprocessor High speed A/D converter, the 3.Maximum sampling rate can reach 400KHz
4. Tester set sampling rate:10~20KHz
5. Maximum save time of single waveform:6.4s
6.Transition resistance measuring scope:0~40Ω
7.Measuring precision:10%
8.Power supply: 220Vą10% power:200W
9. Size: 410*320*260mm3
10. Weight: 20kg