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Published: 14/12/2009

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Sharing of information is getting more and more important for organizations as they try to achieve greater levels of productivity, agility and simply make their organizations more effective.

OilPals is about people, content, information flows, communications, and relationships. OilPals is a community that helps people, locate, linkup, and interact with an extended web of employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Participate and profit Today!

OilPals changes how Oil & Gas companies, make decisions, lower costs, tap talent, and realize new opportunities. Utilizing the technology of OilPals is important to improving your business. helps to:

1. Improves Customer Service,
2. Improves Project and Knowledge Management,
3. Facilitates Recruiting and Retention,
4. Increases Business Opportunities,
5. Builds Community - Rich Learning Environment.

A growing number of your customers, potential customers and competing businesses are becoming members the Oil and gas Social Network.

Can they find your business?

We understand that you cannot do everything at once, but you or someone you employ should take the time to join It is a vibrant community designed just for oil and Gas professionals.

OilPals is helpful if your company is B2C (Business to Consumer) or if you're looking for professionals and your company is B2B (Business to Business).

As OilPals social media usage continues to grow it becomes all the more important for you to participate. Here are 3 helpful benefits OilPals provides that will help you to grow your business!

OilPals is a great tool for building a network of potential customers. You can search for users in your area and create a network of individuals who would be interested in using your services or business. You can search for people who rent "generators" to contact them about your needs, or search for "truck-mounted cranes" for your next project.

OilPals allows users to add friends to their personal network. Drillers can join a group for experiences, or if you own a trucking company you can join a group of truckers and exchange stories or find help. By joining these networks you connect with local consumers who are interested in what your business has to offer. You can become member of networks that pertain to you business, profession or interests. OilPals organizes your contacts into specified networks.
You can precisely target those who would best be served by your business.

OilPals is also about building and establishing professional relationships. With OilPals, you can network with other professionals from around the world. When you create an OilPals profile you can find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and associates.