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Corrosion is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to breakdowns in operations across the oil, gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing and construction sector. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), appearing in pipelines underneath the insulation is responsible for 40-60% of the maintenance and repairs costs. Mere inspection of these pipelines can be expensive if there arises a need for the insulation to be removed. In an effort to address CUI and related issues, Fleming Gulf will be organizing Corrosion Under Insulation - Technical Interactive Forum on 07 - 08 September 2014, in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The forum will aim to bridge the gap between must - haves and the current situation of CUI challenges in companies that are affected by it.

The Forum will feature presentations, case studies and panel discussions on day one and technical workshops on day two. Workshops will focus on design plan for CUI mitigation, addressing issues on thermal insulation, CUI risk screening for equipment & piping and innovation measures to prevent CUI. Speaking at the forum will be representatives from organizations like Saudi Aramco, ADGAS, SABIC, Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO), American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (Saudi Arabia Section) and many more. The speaker panel will address topics like ensuring successful plant design to subdue CUI, analyzing the costs to cover CUI operations to ensure economical objectives of the plant, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) to inspect CUI, applications of Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) for long term protection against CUI and evaluation on mitigating Corrosion Under Pipe Support (CUPS). One of the key highlights of the forum will be presentations by Monica Chauviere, President at MiCorr Inc. - USA and Dr. Stefan Winnik Director at SW Materials And Corrosion Ltd. - UK.

The forum is endorsed by The Institute of Materials Finishing - IMF. Originally founded in 1925, IMF deals with all technologies of surface finishing on a wide variety of materials. The forum will serve as an excellent opportunity for delegates to share insights with their peers and also learn from their experiences aiding in making the current practices in play more effective.


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