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Published: 02/04/2013

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App Development Process

Solutions for Complex Problems

Oilfield Directory’s goal is to be a leading mobile app developer for the oil and gas industry. We are a technology driven organization who is forward thinking, and keen to show our customers that they are very important to us in fact we will go the extra mile to gain customer satisfaction.


The Initial Request 
Confidentiality and Respect

After you have decided to move forward with your project you can get in touch with us by either email or phone. We can set up a time to discuss development details. Our skilled team is will handle your request straight away and set up a development plan. Don't hesitate to share your wildest concepts or perhaps your most innovative ideas. You can expect absolute confidentiality and respect during the entire process.


Initial Requirements Analysis and Proposal

Let us assure you that if the idea is confidential, we can give your company a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or sign yours if you have one.  We will discuss your concept and find out precisely what you envision for your app development. 


The Actual Agreement

After all the main details as well as any amendments have been finalised, it's time to begin to making your vision a reality. The entire process is documented, recorded and first and foremost transparent. From initial contact to signing on the dotted line we keep you informed.


Business Analysis and Requirements

To begin with our experienced software developers carefully analyse the project to keep it a logical and efficient process. The most important stage of development is to determine what you want the app to accomplish.  Once we get a detailed idea of your concept we can make suggestions on how to improve or enhance the app.  At Oilfield Directory we specialize in oil and gas companies so this helps us to understand their requirements. Our team categorizes all requirements to follow a logical development process.


Working With You

Oilfield Directory Mobile experts work with the clients. Our collaborative approach ensures the success of the project. We understand that no one knows your business better than you do, so by working together with you we can design a mobile app that will benefit your business and increase your bottom line.


Outlining a Strategic Plan

Our expert team can suggest a range of options that will take your business into the mobile world. If you have an idea our team can evaluate its viability and show you other options you may not have considered. We will work with you to develop marketing strategies that will give your app the exposure necessary to help build your business advertising campaign stronger. Our goal is to provide a long term strategy that will continue to build on the success that you will achieve.


An App to be Proud of!

Application design should entice individuals to revisit this is done by developing an app that states more with less. Users will fee impelled to revisit to learn more. 

The design of the app can be made as a compliment to your website, using the same colors to enhance your branding. We will work with you and make suggestions to develop a design that will give your business a professional well-polished look.


Payment Options

We can offer you a fixed price plan or hourly rate. Whatever choice you make we will work with you to provide the best value for your dollar.


Tech Savvy
Latest and the Greatest

Oilfield Directory has always been a technology-driven business. Technical excellence is at the centre of all the work that we do. Your mobile application will be nothing less. We will ensure the app will be - well tested, responsive and user-friendly. We know a great mobile app is an important tool for marketing your brand.


Development Process 
App Development Coding

During the development process we believe in complete transparency so clients can be apprised of progress on a daily or weekly basis or as required.

At Oilfield Directory we combine solid planning with flexibility as our expert team of developers make creative & innovative applications for our clients.


Testing Quality Assurance
Testing and Conformance

As a reflection of your brand it is imperative that your app works and has zero bugs. At Oilfield Directory our team of experts perform both integration & system testing throughout development.






Evaluation and Delivery

This is the final stage in the mobile application development process. Upon customer testing and approval the app will be ready for release to the online stores once the oaky is given by the client.  If there is a bug that becomes apparent after release this will be dealt quickly so that clients are assured satisfaction.


Support and Maintenance

At Oilfield Directory we take great pride in our expert developers engineering skills. To keep that satisfaction offer customer support and a six months warranty so clients can be assured that if any problems arise they will be dealt with. If after six month clients want additional coverage we can arrange client care package that is both economical and responsive.

As technology advances we can update and upgrade existing apps to meet customer needs and wants.

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